Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hello all.
We hope you are enjoying your holiday.  Just to keep you thinking we have added some links and will be doing so in the next few weeks.  Make sure to check the blog periodically and have a look at the links.  


Happy Holidays from your ACE Mentors!!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The meeting tomorrow is  CANCELLED......

Have a happy holiday season and we will see you in the new year.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Meeting at Bohlin Cywinski Jackson office


A few things to be aware of for the meeting on Wednesday.

1.  We will be voting on a site for the project in the first 30 mins... do not be late.

2. We will also be doing presentations on presentations.  So come with ideas, sketches, photos, clippings etc. of ways you might want to present your projects at the end of the year.

It is important that we start thinking about this early so we are able to work towards this all year and are not forced to scramble at the end.

See you all there!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Votes are in......

Part of the city poll:

Rural Area   0%
Urban Area 56%
Suburban Area 18%
Commercial / Industrial Area 25%

Part of the country/world:

West Coast 56%
East Coast 12%
Midwest  6%
Abroad 25%

Friday, November 21, 2008


Now it is time to select a site.

We will be voting on a site at the next meeting and as stated before;

"If you don't choose one, we will!!!"

Some things to consider when looking for a site:


·      Remember what your project is!!!!! (SKI/SPA)

·      Rural? Urban?

·      What is the climate like?

·      How close it is to public transit? a population?

·      East coast? West coast? Midwest?

·      US or abroad?

·      What is the topography like (flat, mountainous, lots of plants, desert)

·      Lots of sun, wind, geothermal, tidal energy?

·      Open site (ie. side of unused hill)

·      Compacted site (underside of a freeway?)


The sky is the limit on this site selection.  Lets see some discussion.



During the next two weeks!

Post- sketches, poems, writings, haiku's, link to google earth images, maps etc.  Put forth ideas and defend them. If you send us a link we can post it.  


Make sure to VOTE!! Check out the poll on the blog. Good Luck!!

It has been settled.....

First off thank you Skanska for a great meeting and tour.

Great discussion team!!!!

It was amazing to see the discussion (sometimes heated) over your project selection.

If you were not there on Wednesday, a decision has been made.  We will be designing an


There was some really great and thoughtful points brought up about this project. 


·         What kind of community impact can this project have?

·         Who is it serving?

·         What kind of community is it set in?

·         What are the goals for outreach?

·         What kind of programs can be fostered here?

·         What kind of environmental impact can this project have?

·         Where is it sited (more on this with site selection)?

·         What is the ski slope made of? Snow?  Alternative materials?

·         Is there “heat recycling” possibilities between the spa and ski area?

·         Are there naturally occurring aspect of site that can help with either part of project?

§  Sun

§  Geothermal

§  Wind

§  Tidal

·      What kind of skiing is being done here?

·         What kind of spa facility are you proposing?

·         How many people will each piece be able to serve?

·       How are the two pieces linked programmatically? Does one support the other? Or are they independent as far as program?

·          What kind of mood do each of these building produce on the inside?

·         Meditative

·         Dark

·         Bright

·         Loud

·         Dynamic

·         Subdued


Make sure you start to research some precedent for both buildings.

*****But as you should have noticed in the building there was a very valid outcry over what has been done in the past with respect to indoor ski facilities. 

You all have a very interesting opportunity here to re-invent what these facilities could and should be.

So be sure to look into precedent but in no way should you feel tied to what has been done in the past.


Bring in sketches, writings, poems, photos, haikus, IDEAS! … anything that can convey the mood, aesthetic, structure, materials that you want to work with.  Don’t get too wrapped up in trying to design the entire building at this point.  We should discuss less concrete aspects at this point.  Use this space to bring up ideas, gripes, link to web pages of anything you think would help with any aspect.  This thing is wide open at this point.  Good luck.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Welcome Post

Hello All!!!!!!
Welcome to the new blog page for the Seattle ACE group.  This will be an area to come view updates and aid in open discussion during this year's project.  We are looking forward to big things!!


Monday, November 17, 2008

Project Type - Things to think about!!

Alright team.  So it is time to choose your project for the year......  But before you make your decision we have compiled a list of questions you should consider.  These are not things you need to answer now but they are the types of questions you should ask before making your decision.  This is short list and is intended to get you thinking.
A performing arts center 
  • accessibility to parking for theatre-goers? is there adequate parking on adjacent sites? will we need to build parking?
  • accessibility to restaurants/bars for before and after the event
  • site accessibility for theatre loading into a loading dock
  • provide adequate space on site for back of house areas, rehearsal hall, scene dock, etc... 
  • Accessibility to transit
  • How does the project interact with the community?  Programs for the community as a whole.  
  • How does it go above and beyond its program to enrich the community.
  • If in Seattle, what relationship does it have with Benaroya and halls at the Universities?

Indoor skiing/spa

  • thermal separation - how to keep one place cool while keeping the other warm
  • consider putting the ski slope above the spa building--i.e. use the roof of the spa as the ski slope--will have to work on acoustic and vibration separation of the spaces.
  • need a long enough stretch of land for the ski slope
  • what is the source of the water for the spa/ski area
  • how will we produce the snow for the ski slope?     
  • how will we build the slope? will we need to bring in soil? consider excavation and earthwork.
  • What kind of slope (moguls, half pipe, terrain park, downhill, ski jump).  Think about space needs and restrictions.
  • Green Factor – how do you deal with cooling load.  (Amount of energy needed to keep an indoor snow park viable all year)
  • Seasonality,  Is it a snow park all year or does it have a different function for different seasons as most ski resorts do.
  • How does the project interact with the community?  Programs for the community as a whole.  How does it go above and beyond its program to enrich the community
  • How do you make this building iconic?  or...... Should it be iconic?


  • where will we get the water?
  • will the structure be below grade? beware of where the water table is? it is expensive to build in a water table, but we also need access to sea water for the aquarium--there is a cost/benefit analysis
  • what is soil type? the aquariums are heavy and consequently we will have heavy structural loads? are the soils on the site good?
  • consider site access for future loading as new exhibits come into the aquarium
  • how big of animals, does it specialize.
  • If in Seattle or near by Seattle,  What will distinguish it from the Seattle Aquarium?
  • How does the project interact with the community?  Programs for the community as a whole.  How does it go above and beyond its program to enrich the community

So what are you thinking????? Lets see some discussion.

Make sure to bring up links, post pics, sketches, etc.