Monday, February 9, 2009


That corner is owned by the Port of Seattle and has been a very desirable lot in Seattle. Magnolia residents have a lot of say (not always nice) about what should be built (or not built) there. Beginning in April, it will be used for 5 months for the cars of passengers going on the cruise ships. Seeing how there is no end in site for years of ongoing cruises, that lot will always need to be cleared out each Spring.
That said, many developers have had grand visions for this lot.
Currently, you can go to the site and look up the story on "Interbay's...south end." and that will give you a visual of what they have in mind.
Hope that helps,
> Hi Bruce,
> Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I've been preparing for a trip.
> The plan has developed so that we're locating the site in the
> South-West corner of the Smith's Cove parking lot, so any help in that
> particular area would be great.
> Sincerely,
> Matt

Bruce Wynn
Executive Director
Interbay Neighborhood Association
There has been an upload to flickr indicating your site boundries.

Links from the presentation on the PROCESS OF PRESENTATION:

Use this to begin thinking about interesting ways to present your ideas!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Client: Victoria Buker with Vulcan

Here is an overview of the clients presentation. This should help you begin designing your building + begin thinking about important components of your project!
She would also like you assistance in the naming of the facility. begin thinking about your concept, this could help tremendously in this task!

Ambiance: High Energy, Exciting, Bright
Client Base: Beginner + Intermediate Downhill Skiers/Snowboarders, Training Facility, Teenagers.
Benefits of the facility: allow you to try out new equipment, tubing/toboggan run, ice climbing wall, terrain park, music
Additional amenities: food/drink, rental space, retail store

Ambiance: Relaxing, Warm, Intimate
Client Base: parents, older client base
Services: manicures, pedicures, facials, massages
Amenities: pool, jacuzzi, sauna + steam room, rain showers, lounge, food service, heated floors

items to address:
  • Concept of the facility?
  • How to get to the top of the slope?
  • How to incorporate music?
  • How to conserve energy?

  • Site Plan
  • Sketches of site + building
  • Sustainable description
  • Cost Estimate

The deliverables listed will be the minimum to present to the client when she returns for a progress update [mid-end of march]. Lets get working!