Monday, March 23, 2009

New Spa Link

Check out this Spa in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
See Link Below and in the Links Section.

Scandinave Les Bains Vieux

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Square Footage Per Floor

10th Floor - 6,840 [Ski Run Stop]
9th Floor - 8,910 [Bar/Lounge]
8th Floor - 8,910 [Cafeteria]
7th Floor - 6,840 [Spa]
6th Floor - 6,840 [Spa]
5th Floor - 6,840 [Spa]
4th Floor - around 6,840 [Ski-Pass through]
3rd Floor - around 6,840 [Ski-Pass through]
2nd Floor - TBD { (Office) + (Kids) }
1st Floor - 8,200 { (Lobby) + 200 (Medical) + 400 (Retail) + 1,874 (Rentals) + 1,326 (core) }
Basement - >9,640 { 6840 (Ski Run Stop) + 2,800 (Changing rooms/Bathrooms/Locker) + ??? (Mechanical)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Conclusion for 3.04.09

Architecture Group
  • three towers are in a fairly straight line (not a triangle)
  • building will be about 800-1000ft long
  • about 300ft wide
  • the slopes will be about 75ft wide
These are the measurements the architecture and structural group came up with:
Runs/Noodles: ~50' to ~70' changing in size making people slow down and speed up.
Towers: ~50'x~50'
And i was thinking that the group that was designing the layout of the parking, might consider putting the parking under the runs. This would be important because we get LEED points for conserving parking space.

Parking Lot 250' x 500'
2 entrances and exits to bridge + residential area
side walk paths connecting towers
vegetation around base of building
site plan

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SKI SLOPE - question

Architecture Team can you please provide us with information regarding the slope steepness of our runs?
This may be helpful in determining the degree of the runs to match our target skiers ability...

For Reference: The slope of a standard stair is approx 30 degrees.